Friday, September 4, 2015

Hail to my Caesar at Uncle Cheffy

When I heard of Uncle Cheffy Brick-Oven, my initial reaction was like, “Brick oven?  I like that, let’s try it.” Brick oven reminds me of those famous and best pizza restos I used to watch in a lifesyle show.  My family loves pizza, so this resto appeals to us quite instantly.

Wood and brick walls predominantly line the interior of this restaurant.  It has this rustic, log cabin appeal to it.  Their menu offers a fusion of Italian, Spanish, Filipino and American cuisine. 

When you look at their menu and see their rates, you would think that they’re a bit pricey. But when we were informed that their servings “are good enough for sharing”, it became reasonable.

Their house specialty is their brick-oven panizza served on a tray made of wood, so much like our traditional wooden chopping board. We tried their All-Meat Barbecued Panizza, Uncle Cheffy Salad and Baked Oysters. 
The Baked Oysters were good. Though the cheese on top did not fully cover the entire shell. Each order has 12 oyster shells (or even more, I guess), with 2 oysters served in each shell. They were fresh and juicy.  

We were most excited about the panizza that when it arrived on our table and saw how cheesy it was, we couldn’t wait to take a sample. We also immediately noticed how thin it was. My hubby said that it looked like a rectangular pita bread with lots of melted cheese on top. I couldn’t agree more. The wooden board where it was served on included 2 bowls of “sidedishes” --  tomato salsa and arugulas. You can opt to roll the paper- thin pizza and stuff it with those side dishes and eat it like you would any taco-roll. The cheeses on our panizza were so filling. We were happy with it!

The Uncle Cheffy Salad I ordered was the best! I fell in love with it rightaway. I didn’t want to share it when I first tasted it because I wanted everything for myself. It was that good! It had big chunks of crispy pork belly, asparagus, sliced potatoes and dijonaise dressing. Nothing was overpowering. The saltiness that comes from the pork belly, the mustardy taste from the dressing, the smoky-bacon flavor from the potato just perfectly blended. It was a well-executed dish. Their solo serving was good enough for sharing.

Next time, I’ll have this again. I highly recommend this to anyone. In fact, my husband kept on asking me for my pork bellies. No way, Jose!  If you happen to crave for something healthy and sinful at the same time...this one's for you.

Uncle Cheffy serves high-quality dishes. Their serving is generous. I just wish they would consider serving free appetizers or breadbasket while the customers are waiting for orders just like in other restos.  How about a complimentary plate of baked oysters??? 

I highly recommend this place located in Eastwood Mall. There are a lot of restaurants which is worth a try here in Eastwood.       


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