Saturday, September 5, 2015

Vanilla Cupcake is Love

“Sugar and spice and everything nice”- it’s what best describes Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. The goodies and treats are fit for little girls and pretty, young ones and “young-once” like me who sometimes refuse to grow up. The first time I checked out the place by myself, I couldn’t help but feel like a little girl again. I thought about our girls and how they would love it here. After I got a taste of one of their cupcakes, I immediately decided to bring my daughters here. But it was many months after that I was able to finally bring them. 


I thought my husband would feel a bit "out-of-place". But to my surprise, he was at home. In fact, very much at home.


We came here after having our lunch and it was such a treat to visit the place after having a full meal at a nearby resto.  There were a lot of seats to choose from and there were different types, too. There are seats that are fit for princesses and there are seats good for a tete-a-tete. We chose the seats in the corner where we can see the outside world, the one with a swing seat.

All those cupcakes with icings in pastel colors were just too pretty to eat.  It was hard to decide which ones to try because they were too many and we wanted to try them all. A cupcake costs around Php80-Php140. The price may be steep for a piece but it’s the same thing with eating a slice of cake in your favorite coffee shop, it can cost you around that same amount or even more. And besides, there's this "cuteness" factor in every bite.  

Finishing just one whole cupcake will leave you a pound heavier. Because these are not the light and fluffy kind.  Each Vanilla Cupcake cupcake is packed with real ingredients and not just air.  I also love how their icings are super-thick. I think, it comprises 1/3 of the whole cupcake itself.  Just look at the one below!

What we ordered:  
Vanilla Pink – Topped with a decadent swirl buttercream frosting, this cupcake had a muffin-like texture. I think this is the most basic cupcake of all their cupcakes available. It had just the right amount of sweetness to it. I found the pink icing so cute.
Salted Caramel - Moist and tasty. The caramel icing with that hint of "saltiness" on top was my favorite. The first time I tasted the icing, I knew I found the ONE.   
Cookies & Cream - A bit crumbly as expected, because of the cookie pieces on top. This was our eldest daughter's favorite.

Eating a Vanilla Cupcake cupcake, wasn't really mind-blowing, mind you. But we enjoyed eating the cupcakes just the same. What makes the eating experience different is that you're like being "tickled in pink" while eating it because of the overall ambiance and atmosphere of the shop. 

Imagine being transported to the '50s era... ladies donning pretty balloon dresses and little girls, all prim and proper, with pink ribbons on their hair, etc.   
Even their comfort room is reminiscent of the '50s.  Our little girls couldn't get enough of it (going to the washroom), haha!  So, you see, there's more to this cupcake shop than its cupcakes.     

A Vanilla Cupcake cupcake is a cute gift for any sweet occasion. They are also nice to have as party give-aways. Surprising a loved one with a dozen of these cupcakes in a dainty, pretty package will burn a hole in your pocket but will definitely leave a good impression on the recipient. 

It’s a comfort dessert. I wouldn’t mind receiving a box of these on my birthday or Mother's Day.  This time, I don't mind at all... to have my cupcake and eating it, too. 


The Vanilla Cupcake Bakery featured here is their branch in Bonifacio Global City. If BGC is far from you, VCB has other branches and you can check where their other branches are located through OpenSnap.

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