Saturday, September 5, 2015

Trellis Loyalist

Trellis along Kalayaan Ave. used to be our favorite Thursday hang-out place when my husband and I were still single. Now, that we have a family, it has evolved to be our family's favorite restaurant to eat sisig. Yes, our daughters love Trellis' sisig. This is where our kids learned to eat and appreciate sisig. 


This is still the same sisig we have come to love. I've tasted a lot of sisigs in my lifetime but Trellis has that distinct taste that they can call their own. You can line up the sisig from Dencio's, Gerry's Grill, Sisig Hooray Trellis, etc. and I would know which one is from Trellis. My husband and I are in agreement that their sisig is way up there in our list of best sisigs in town. As a matter of fact, their sisig has been their ticket to fame.

Everytime we visit Trellis, the smell of sizzling sisig fills the air and every table has a sizzling plate of sisig on it. But aside from their famous sisig, what we usually order here are Spiced Spareribs with its thick flavorful sauce or marinade, Lechon Kawali (served with kangkong in oyster sauce) and Crackling Liempo (with tomatoes, onions and bagoong Balayan).

What I like about Trellis is that they have maintained the original taste of their food. Their Spiced Spareribs still had that combined taste of sweetness and "mysterious" spicyness. Though the spicyness part would just start to kick in a few minutes after having a spoonful of this. It's like the spicy kick would hit you slowly, but surely, without you noticing it. That's why I call it mysterious. But this dish is delicious, nonetheless.

Spiced Spareribs
The Lechon Kawali  never fails to satisfy our fried pork cravings.

Lechon Kawali

A plate of Crispy Tenga is a perfect appetizer, paired with a glass of cold San Mig Light (for my husband).

Crispy Tenga

I know, there are a lot of restaurants out there that serve good sisig. But I'm one Trellis'-sisig loyalist and I will probably die still a Trellis'-sisig loyalist. We can check out the ratings given to Trellis by others through OpenSnap.
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