Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Adventures at The Lighthouse Marina Resort

Bonding moments are made of these....
The beach was less than a minute away from the pool. We took off our shoes and walked barefoot. Nisi and Noelle enjoyed walking and playing on the sand. We even flew a kite. Our kite flew so high and it was awesome! And a few minutes after, a wedding took place at he pool area. Hey, we got to witness it, too.

Nisi and Noelle, enjoying the sand. Noelle even built a mini sandcastle; Nisi, flying a kite; Noelle, feeling the sand on her feet, unmindful of everything around her.

I swear, I have seen this part or area of the beach in movies or "teleseryes".

After much fun in the sun....

Famished! After all our adventures at the beach.

All smiles for the camera after having dinner

After a day of fun and adventure, it was time for a much-needed relaxation. Time to hit the tub! But before that, we first roamed the hotel's vicinity and started clicking away. Nisi and Noelle went down to the Sands Resto wearing their pajamas.

There were fascinating paintings of regattas.

The kids enjoyed the pool on the day we were scheduled to check out. Right after we had our breakfast, the kids immediately donned on their swim suits and headed straight to the pool. However, we still had to wait for about an hour before Nisi and Noelle could take the plunge because the pool maintenance person just finished cleaning it. Babes and Nisi was so excited to use the Havaianas floater Zed lent us.

The pool was very clean. There was a guard on standby all the time. I also noticed that the staff in charge of giving out the towels was very courteous. He was all smiles every time I would approach him.

Inside our room, err rather... the bathroom, the bath tub was a big hit! Not only to Nisi & Noelle, but to us, as well.

An hour of taking a dip in the tub was "bitin" to Nisi & Noelle.

Picture-perfect moments with my hubby
My husband and I tremendously enjoyed our stay here at The Lighthouse Marina Resort. We had a very pleasant experience here, from the moment we arrived until we checked out. It's perfect for families with little kids but it's also perfect for couples.

We both love to come back here and bring our whole family with us (yes, with our baby Nala already.) Nisi now considers The Lighthouse as her favorite hotel experience! While to our little girl, Noelle, every time she sees a lighthouse on her fave Playhouse Disney Channel, she would immediately associate it with The Lighthouse.

What more can I say, The Lighthouse Marina has definitely made an impact to us.

Lighthouse Marina Resort
Moonbay Marina Complex
Waterfront Road, CBD
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Zambales Philippines

Tel Nos:

Trunk Line (Tel/Fax): (63.47)252.5000 or (63.47)252.7545

Toll Free Manila Number: (632)711.0019

Manila Sales Office:(632) 892.3534 Fax: (632)815.8296

US No: +1 (415) 874-7470

Email Addresses:


Marc Villa-Real said...

Great post, Vivian! Where is this place located?

divine_viva said...

It's in Subic Bay Freeport, Marina Bay Complex. Lapit lang from Manila You can read my other posts prior to this post.