Sunday, May 16, 2010

My "trips" while spending "me" time

There are those days after my 8-5 job when I choose to be with myself than go home and be with my kids. I know, it may sound a bit selfish but on the contrary, by doing so, I'm doing myself a big favor, which in turn greatly benefits my family. I get to spend my "me" time, which results to a happier me -- a happier mom to my 3 beautiful angels and a happier wife to my dear husband.

There are those times when I just want to walk and window-shop for my 3 preciousness- Nisi, Noelle & Nala - until my feet are tired. I usually end up buying them stuff, anyway.

Here are my top spots to be at or my "go-to spots" when spending some chillax time alone after office hours while waiting for my hubby who is either having his boys' night out or finishing whatever he's busy with.

Coffee Shops
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Greenbelt 3)
Starbucks (inside Fully Booked - Bonifacio High Street)
Bo's Coffee (Enterprise car park)

Powerbooks (Glorietta & Greenbelt 5)
Fully Booked (Boni High Street)

These are the places where I try to catch up on my journal writing, write entries to contests using some scratch bond papers (yeah, I'm so old school. Let's just leave the laptop at home :-) it's not mine, anyway), browse over some magazines, daydream, savor my pastries & drinks or just enjoy the silence and the company of me.

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