Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My lunch treat to myself -- CBTL's pasta and my fave iced- tea

That is the adjective that aptly described my week from April 19-23 (5 days).

It started on a Monday morning at around 7 am when we rushed our daughter, Noelle, to Marikina Valley's emergency room due to extreme stomach pain. I say "extreme" because she woke up wailing while holding her tummy and screaming repeatedly "ouchy tummy!!"

I had to look calm but I knew my panic button was already on. I stayed with her, looked after her until the next day when she was discharged from the hospital. That was Tuesday afternoon. It was also the day when our big boss was looking for me. I was needed badly to do some budget slide presentations for the Board. That same day, my sideline called up to remind me of the mini pictures slide presentation that I had to submit on Thursday and I had not started doing anything yet.

Right after we got home from the hospital, I quickly checked on Nala, dialed some numbers, made sure that Noelle was okay and quickly left the house again to claim two contest prizes - one from ABS-CBN and another one at Strata 100 in Ortigas.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday -- were busy, busy, busy and busy days at work and at home where I had to squeeze in some work for my sideline. Attended meetings and dry run presentation and went home a bit later than usual; sleeping time was at around 1 AM.

I needed to treat myself -- Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Starbucks frap and cheesecake!!! Waaahhh!

Java chip frap

Caramel-apple cheesecake. I like!

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