Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From 701 to 5005 - Noelle's emergency room experience

After wailing and screaming her lungs out for hours when the needle was pricked on her hand, her wails finally subsided. As we were wheeled into our room no. 701 (she was sitting on me while I was sitting on the wheelchair) enjoying our weeeeeeee moment (I was making it fun by saying "weeeeeeee" while the nurse was pushing our wheelchair), I thought of writing down her comments and side remarks on everything she has been through. From all these, I got to know my little girl a little bit more.

" I don't like this dress!! Look, it's too big for me! " (pertaining to the hospital gown she was asked to wear, kids' size). --- very much a fashionista
" I don't like the pillow, mama. " (She rested on my tummy while I was sitting on a stretcher in the emergency room) --- she hates any type of discomfort
" Mama, I don't have a hand, look. " (Her left hand was wrapped in face towel because of her dextrose) --- playful as ever

- After almost 3 hours of taking a nap, Noelle was able to recharge her batteries. She even woke me up (see, I fell asleep, too) and told me that she was hungry. She was back to her usual self - all talkative, playful and very much opinionated, at that. She began to be fascinated with her dextrose bottle and began to sing all the Playhouse Disney songs. She also asked for some paper and pen and began to draw. --- moody, playful and loves anything Playhouse Disney

- There were times that she would suddenly cry while touching her tummy but the moment I would turn the TV channel to Playhouse Disney, she would immediately stop crying. --- easily distracted

- A few minutes before we transferred to our upgraded room (room no. 5005), she said something that made me chuckle. She said, "I'm not sick anymore, Nisi naman next sa hospital." --- she and her ate Nisi have a love-hate relationship

- While in our new room, which was a lot more spacious, had bigger TV and ref and a comfy sofa for the caretaker, she kept on fixing her bracelet tag. She was treating it like a real jeweled bracelet. --- she likes bling-blings a lot

- I asked her what she wanted me to bring for her as I was going home to have dinner and take a bath, her reply was, "Mama, just bring my bag and my cellphone." Inside her bag was her make-up kit, a lot of girlie stuff, mini notebook, pen, papers, and her cellphones. --- kikay as ever

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