Sunday, May 4, 2008


Power Plant Mall Concourse Level
Rockwell Drive
cor. Estrella St. Makati City
Tel. 898-0985

Date of Visit: Jan. 27, 2008

Nothing comes close to Cinnabon’s cinnabon.

I was tongue-tied the first time I took a bite of this big cinnamon roll, way back in 1997. The cinnamon came all the way from the US. Imagine, it traveled 12 hours and I remember not heating it then when I first tasted it. Yet it was still so delicious! That was when I first learned what “sinfully-delicious” meant.

When you bite into a Cinnabon, you will feel an unexplainable sensation in your body - - yes, that’s your GUILT-o-meter working. I guess, that’s why you call it guilty pleasure, right?

Visiting any of their stores here has always been a delight. Everytime I treat my hubby and my kids to a cinnabon merienda, I can’t help but be enticed with the smell and aroma of their freshly-baked treat. Their store smells so good! Add to that, is the sight of their oh-so-tempting cinnabons smothered with their rich toppings of caramel, chocolate, cream cheese or whatever. I love the combination of caramel & pecans so, obviously, their caramel pecanbon is my favorite.

There are times that I find their cinnabon too sweet, but I don’t mind. I still enjoy every bite of it.

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