Sunday, May 4, 2008


J. Jimenez St. Kamuning, Q.C.

Date of Visit: April 12, 2008

A carinderia-cum-steakhouse somewhere in Kamuning that boasts of having captured the A-Z market. Dinadayo talaga ito! Their clientele includes the nearby townsfolks in plain slippers, middle class, yuppies, families with kids in tow, medical reps in their white uniform, and those in the upper class echelon. You can very well tell from the make and model of the cars parked outside that there are rich people dining here. I heard even celebrities and basketball players frequent this place. Their parking slot is just the vacant space surrounding the resto. The place looks like an old garage converted into a carinderia. Forget about ambience here, there’s none. Expect to sweat a lot because it can get really hot here. Sure, they have electric fans but with the flock of diners during lunch and dinner time, those fans can no longer serve its purpose.

This is quite a popular place for steak-lovers who don’t want to burn their pockets. The place looks cheap, the price of the food is cheap but the quality of their steaks is not. Well, it’s not the best either but for its very affordable price of about Php130 for a big piece of T-bone or Porterhouse, you won’t complain. You will even see how your steak is grilled to its perfection because the griller is located near the tables. So, when there’s something to grill, there’s smoke everywhere. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the smoke getting in your eyes and the aroma of it all. Aside from the steaks, they also have other beef and pork dishes like liempo and chicken barbecue.

They also offer staples in Pinoy carinderia like papaitan, sinigang, menudo, kaldereta, adobo, apritada and a lot more. If you’re craving for sweets after enjoying their steak, order their saging con saba or mais-con-hielo. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you will see blueberry cheesecake as part of their dessert menu. It seems out-of-place but I got to try it once and it was actually good.

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