Sunday, May 4, 2008

Primablend Bakeshop

325 Gen. Luna St., Guitnangbayan II
San Mateo
, Rizal

Date of Visit: Feb. 25, 2008

Never in my imagination that a bakeshop that sells delicious cakes can exist not in the city but in the far-flung province of San Mateo, Rizal. Famous for its Sansrival, which can rival the best brands here in the city, Primablend Bakeshop boasts of years and years of being at the helm of baking success in San Mateo.

One can swear by the quality and taste of their Sansrival. I have tasted a lot of sansrival in my life and I found Primablend’s to be sans rival (translate: WITHOUT RIVAL!). The first taste of this dessert from Primablend will leave you wanting for more. It’s simply the BEST! Warning: You’ll be addicted to it. It has the right lightness and creaminess – not too heavy or buttery. The cake makes for an interesting play of textures-- a creamy-buttery top with a firm and chewy center and just the right crunch because of the nuts. Those buttercream filling perfectly melts in your mouth. Partaking of this sansrival is of peak experience, I must say.

Aside from sansrival, they also sell delicious butter cakes, caramel cakes, and cookies, all of which have just the right amount of sweetness and will not put you into a diabetic attack. Their smooth and velvety-textured leche flan is a staple in every home in San Mateo during town fiestas or special occasions. These are all sold at a very reasonable price. Their biggest box of sansrival costs a little less than P1,000, and that’s good enough for a party of 20 or even more.

Prima Blend has no other branch in the country that’s why one has to brave the traffic and the narrow road to go there.

Sticking to their all time-favorites
One trivia about Primablend is that they have been in this business since time immemorial yet they never expand their cake menu. The flavors of cakes you see on their display shelves today are the same flavors of cakes they were offering yesterday… before you and I were born. No more, no less!

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