Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kaya Korean Restaurant

Concourse Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive cor. Estrella St.
City, Metro Manila

(02) 898-0934 to 35

Date of Visit: Sept. 21, 2007

As our group of more than 10 was looking for a place on the 1st level of Rockwell to dine in, we ended up in Kaya only because it was the only place that could accommodate a large group like us.

The only Korean dish I’ve tried is kimchi, which I liken to our native atchara. If bulgogi is an original Korean dish, then I’ve tried that, too. You know what? I don’t remember anything I ate in Kaya or the name of the dishes we ordered, for that matter. So, I guess, that says a lot about the restaurant…… or maybe about me --- think, forgetful Lucy. Oh yes, there’s one thing I remember, their servings were so small that we had to literally count the number of pieces of pork or beef, for example, in the dish, and divide it equally among ourselves, making sure that everyone would get to taste the dish, at least. Our bill totaled Php3,300. When we went to a bowling alley after that, my husband ended up ordering…..dinner no. 2 at the bowling center’s eatery – a set meal of porkchop with rice and a drink for less than 100 bucks. Busog!

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