Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hot Rocks

C5 Libis

Date of Visit: March 30, 2008

Hot Rocks rocks!

Imagine a big cargo crate with an enclosed airconditioned 1st floor and an open air 2nd floor, that’s Hot Rocks for you. Instead of pictures posted on their walls, you can see a number of “platographs” (plates with autographs of celebrities who have eaten there). Their locally-sourced steaks (“Angas” beef for Batangas beef), which will not cost you an arm and a leg, dominate this no-frills eatery and rightfully so. Their regular steaks are priced between P150-P180 and are about half an inch thick. Large cut (P270) is about an inch thick. But of course their beef is not as tender as those imported Angus beef. It’s tasty, though and will definitely fill you. They offer 2 sauces, the sweet sauce and the hot sauce. They should add at least one more steak sauce variant – BBQ or the cream of mushroom gravy type. They also offer pizza, pastas, salads and desserts on their menu.

The last time we visited, the place was about to close. We haven’t had dinner yet and we came all the way from Enchanted Kingdom. All of us were famished! Good thing our orders didn’t take long to arrive…or we might have gone amok.

I ordered a regular porterhouse and requested for a beef with lots of fats on the side. My husband ordered porterhouse, a stick of barbecue and 1 stick of isaw and extra order of rice. My daughter had grilled liempo (P100), which was quite thick and long. Didn’t expect that it would taste good either. Our yaya chose daing na bangus in olive oil. For our drinks, we ordered a pitcher of iced-tea. We had an excellently satisfying dinner for just P650.

I recommend this place for steak lovers who are always on a tight budget.

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