Saturday, May 3, 2008

House of Minis

Greeenhills Shopping Complex Shoppesville Level 1, Unit 75/76/77
Ortigas Ave.
, San Juan, Metro Manila
721-1410, 721-5056

Date of Visit: Nov. 9, 2007

Loyalty, a very rare attribute nowadays. Yes, the waiters of their Greenhills branch deserve a loyalty award. As far as I remember, the waiter who served us the last time we were there (Nov. 2007) has been there, serving us for more than 10 years already.

Nothing has changed in this resto for the past years.

Even the ambience and the sound of the organ playing in the background, were so yesterday. If this place were a personal computer, it would still be running under an MS-DOS environment. I think it would be best to upgrade and renovate the place.

I think the only change they have made over the years was on their menu price. Although the price hike was gradual. And yes, the dinner bread served before the main meal became smaller.

Anyway, their steaks, which are the restaurant’s main attraction, are still worth the trip and the tip. Their porterhouse, T-bone or tenderloin steaks cooked to your liking, do not disappoint. You will leave the place feeling bloated.

I only have one complaint and a major one at that: The last time we dined here, there was a small cockroach walking on the wall near our table, that my husband shooed away. Oh well, they really better renovate their branch or they might just evaporate, sayang naman.

My dilemma is how to give them a fair rating so I’ll just categorize:
Food (steaks)- 4 stars

Service- 3 stars

Place- 1 star

Overall Average- 2.67 stars

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